Eclipse 2017: Transforming

The day of Totality I had the super good fortune to be with family, brand new friends, a giant sky painted with little happy clouds… and the Ocean, the Earth, the Sun, the  Moon, and the vibe of an altered consciousness (which was not the vodka ice tea).

For me, the first moment of a new sensation was the dimming of light, looking up, and seeing not a crescent moon, but a crescent sun. Giant drops of wonder fell on me.  I knew it was a sight that no camera could catch.  I felt small, and realized I was aligning with people, the moon, and the sun.

We thought, this would be freaky and frightening were it not for the scientific knowledge of other people.  Were the people of ancient Egypt afraid? Did their astronomers horde knowledge? Were they sincere priests celebrating Ra, the Sun God?

The more the sun eclipsed, the more the sea and clouds in front of us took on what I thought was a numinous glow.  Such a gorgeous effect.  How awesome it would be to go to the Correct Color menu in After Effects and select Light From A Crescent Sun.  There would be a slider going from the sun, through the stages of eclipse, and totality.  I’d overuse it.

Flocks of birds that in the morning had flown off in a line and in a single direction, were flying back, like they did at night.  In every flock there was one bird that was off to the side of their line, out of sync.  I thought they]d gossip:  there goes Frank,  AGAIN.  He just can’t fly straight.

The clouds had been teasing us all day.  Would we see it? Miss it? Testing the glasses during the day with clouds showed only blackness. When it started happening, the clouds (with the complex boundaries of a fractal). floated in front of and then would clear.  Would they obscure the Totality?

The clouds floated by and we, for moments, were in Totality.

As had been written many times, the world felt different.  It took on the vibe of a consciousness altering trip.   The cool stranger I had met earlier, a former grower of shrooms, agreed as to the mystical quality of the moment.

As the light resumed I felt an ending and a beginning.  I was thinking reboot.  Or reset.  But that wasn’t it.  I wasn’t doing a factory reset.  I felt a desire and commitment to spiral up into a better version of myself.

The Totality was a clearly defined experience for letting go of apathy and fuzziness and being uninspired, and transforming into the promise of a new, better season of life. Being fearless.

I thought, if only America could be as inspired with emerging on the other side of the eclipse with the intent of spiraling higher.  We need as a society to be honest, respectful, and fearless in confronting the unjust, with a plan and commitment to making everything better for everyone.

Aaaaaand the moment passed and i thought, well that’s not likely.

I disagree with Master Yoda.  It’s not just do or not do, there is no try.  I’ve always thought him a pretentious little toad.

Of course there’s try.









Alan Turing – June 23, 1912

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Alan Turing June 23, 1912

Cool equations from On Computable Numbers With An Application To The Entscheidungs Problem, 1936. Wherein he described the mathematics of computing machines. What he does with Godel’s Theorem is remarkable. Historic paper– it founds computer science.

Cow spots from The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis wherein he lays out the math that describes the evolution of pattern in nature. Like cow spots. And galaxies. His last paper. Math the predicts nature is mystical.

The rainbow because he was gay. Which got him chemically castrated, imprisoned and assassinated. Excuse me he committed suicide. (He was assassinated.)

SpaceX vs Tomita (Mars)



SpaceX Releases Rockets-Eye View of Yesterday’s Landing

Oh SpaceX, you sweet son of a gun. You’ve landed another rocket on a floating ocean barge. This is the third landing in a row for Elon Musk’s commercial spaceflight company, and the second from a rocket that delivered its cargo to a very high orbit-which means it was coming down increadibly hot.

Space exploration will spur transhumanism and mitigate existential risk

When people think about rocket ships and space exploration, they often imagine traveling across the Milky Way, landing on mysterious planets and even meeting alien life forms. In reality, humans’ drive to get off Planet Earth has led to tremendous technological advances in our mundane daily lives – ones we use right here at home on terra firma.