The Party of Personal Responsibility and Religious Freedom HA!

Three stooges.

Apparently the pope shouldn’t act on his religious conviction the same way a bigoted baker should.  And responsibility applies only to those without resources and power.  The blame likes not with the people who poisoned the children, but with the people who didn’t deal with their bullshit fast enough. The problem isn’t with the shooter, it’s with the ambulance that didn’t get there quickly.

Eric Prydz’ EPIC 4.0 Mega Media Installation

The installation uses Holo-Gauze (or Holo-G), a new type of large scale 3D hologram effect invented by AV artist Stuart Warren-Hill for his Holotronica 3D AV album show.

The album is good too. High quality electronic with beats. You’ll want to check out the show photos in the MixMag post.


Opus, an album by Eric Prydz on Spotify

Eric Prydz has the most impressive live show in the game

Eric Prydz has unveiled his new EPIC 4.0 live show. It might just be the most impressive spectacle in dance music right now and melted the minds of all in attendance at Terminal 5 in New York this past weekend.


Scalia’s Funeral: A Strikingly Literal Metaphor For Burying Bigotry

An oppressor goes silent.

It’s regrettable this potent mind chose not to be an ally to personal freedom and citizen equality.