7 Billion by Cyriak

cyriak 7 billion
Cyriak makes art that reminds me of the surrealism of Dali. If you’ve ever made media, you’ll appreciate the HOW???!! virtuosity.

Here’s a documentary that with complete justification calls him a hero of animation.

He is one of the After Effects users the team is particularly proud of.



Alan Turing – June 23, 1912

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Alan Turing June 23, 1912

Cool equations from On Computable Numbers With An Application To The Entscheidungs Problem, 1936. Wherein he described the mathematics of computing machines. What he does with Godel’s Theorem is remarkable. Historic paper– it founds computer science.

Cow spots from The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis wherein he lays out the math that describes the evolution of pattern in nature. Like cow spots. And galaxies. His last paper. Math the predicts nature is mystical.

The rainbow because he was gay. Which got him chemically castrated, imprisoned and assassinated. Excuse me he committed suicide. (He was assassinated.)