SpaceX vs Tomita (Mars)



SpaceX Releases Rockets-Eye View of Yesterday’s Landing

Oh SpaceX, you sweet son of a gun. You’ve landed another rocket on a floating ocean barge. This is the third landing in a row for Elon Musk’s commercial spaceflight company, and the second from a rocket that delivered its cargo to a very high orbit-which means it was coming down increadibly hot.

Space exploration will spur transhumanism and mitigate existential risk

When people think about rocket ships and space exploration, they often imagine traveling across the Milky Way, landing on mysterious planets and even meeting alien life forms. In reality, humans’ drive to get off Planet Earth has led to tremendous technological advances in our mundane daily lives – ones we use right here at home on terra firma.

Tomita: Electronic Music’s Godfather

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“Visionary” is an overused word, but is totally  appropriate when talking about Tomita.

Tomita’s technique was pioneering but it was firmly in service to the music. He made unprecedented sonic and interpretive choices for his interpretations of particularly famous pieces of  by 19th century greats– Mussogorsky, Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Holt.  He was a fascinating composer and helped grow the technology of synthesizers into a genre of music.

Some of his pieces are surprisingly hard to find in a shareable format, although it appears his catalog is for sale. There is only a single link for my favorite, Pictures at an Exhibition. It’s artistically rich. It was an utterly novel instrumentation of a classic, with really interesting interpretive choices.

Here’s quite a lot of awesome:

(Nov 18, 2012): Modesto Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition (Isao Tomita)

From the 1975 RCA Red Seal release, Tomita, Pictures at an Exhibition. Tomita’s pioneering electronic work from his Plasma Music made classical compositions seem out of the future — certainly laserium shows of the time seemed to think so. Tomita saw himself following Theremin and Martenot from the late 1920s in using 1970s analogue synthesizers…