Professor Daniel (“Danny”) Deocampo On How Climate Change Shaped Human Evolution

Dr. Daniel ("Danny") Deocampo being very serious.

The work is out of Georgia State University. Also, he’s my brother <3 🙂 .

How Climate Change Shaped Human Evolution – Georgia State University

How Climate Change Shaped Human Evolution Scientists are drilling deep into East Africa’s ancient lake basins to recreate environmental fluctuations across human history. What they find could tell us how we might survive our own changing climate.

They Chopped Off Valentine’s Head For Being A Marriage Equality Activist

St Valentine post beheading.

St Valentine post beheading.

Valentine’s Day has a backstory.

Valentine became St. Valentine because, and this was news to me, he defied the culturally dominant Roman culture, fighting for his belief that Christians had the right to marry each other. He performed marriages repeatedly until the Romans went ENOUGH and chopped his head off.

He died serving love. Thus, cupids etc.

So… Christians were once a minority persecuted for who and how they wanted to marry.

This story would be even more interesting were there an ironic modern parallel involving Christians and a minority persecuted for who and how they wanted to marry.

NASA’s VR from Mars

A chill scene on Mars.

NASA stitched together a sequence of images streamed from Curiosity Rover to make a single moment of VR.

What NASA’s New Mars Video Means for the Future of Virtual Reality

Finally: You now can explore the surface of Mars without ever leaving Earth. NASA released a 360-degree video from the surface of Mars Monday that lets viewers poke around the Martian surface. It’s an eye-opening experience that makes it hard not to think about the possibilities of touring the planet in virtual reality someday soon.