He’s one industrial accident away from supervillainy.

Elon Musk Says SpaceX Will Send People to Mars by 2025

Nobody can accuse Elon Musk of not shooting for the stars. The SpaceX and Tesla founder said this week that he personally wants to visit space within the next five years and thinks that his company will launch a mission to Mars by 2025.


Human Rights Watch Report 2016: Fear Politics and Crushing Civil Society

Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth describes the twin threats. The worth reading report is here.

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Rudy Rucker: Stratocaster

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Sooo worth reading. He was sick 🙁 but got better 🙂

Rudy’s Blog

So last week I was in the hospital for hip surgery for three nights. I was really sad and anxious about going in there. Infection in my hip joint and they took out all the hardware, and I’ll be on intravenous antibiotics for six weeks, and then they put a new hip back in.